Havn partners with local chefs, eco and sustainable farms and farmers, and has a deep focus on art, nature, and inspiration. We partner with Turbruket Farm, a local eco farm run by Bjørnar and Hildegunn Østigård, for flowers, farm and food experiences.

Our Food & Art


Hildegunn also brings her talents to bear as a chef, bringing delicious and visually stunning home-baked and local food to the table while you are at Havn if you choose. We can work with you to set a fully catered menu for your time at Havn or support you with a  few special treats during your stay. Connect with us to discuss your unique needs and dietary requirements.


Hildegunn Østigård acts as Havn´s Creative Director, bringing gorgeous flower art throughout the halls of the property.


Most of the art on the walls at Havn has been created by the talented British street artist, Alexandra Gallagher. Havn’s Owner commissioned a large format piece focused on biodiversity, which hangs above the dining table and eight prints which hang in the bedrooms. The large piece signifies the importance of biodiversity, bringing together diverse flowers, birds, and butterflies in Norway. The art portrays some common birds and flowers that are safe from threat, like the white throated dipper, the national bird in Norway and others like the lapwing, that have been declining and are in need of protection from extinction.

Each of the eight pieces hanging in the bedrooms have a special meaning and a backstory. See below for the stunning pieces Alexandra Gallagher has created.